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John James needles

Entaco Limited, the manufacturer of John James needles, is based in Redditch, Worcestershire, rightly referred to as the ‘needle capital of the world’. The region is renowned for its rich history of needle manufacturing, dating back over three centuries. The earliest needle manufacture in the region is believed to be Bordesley Abbey, founded in 1156, about a mile north of the town of Redditch.
Over time, the John James brand has become synonymous with the highest quality needles around the world. Their products are used not only by professional leatherworkers, but also by hobbyists of needlework and creativity. They offer a wide range of needles for various purposes including hand and machine sewing.
John James offers a wide range of needles in different sizes and shapes, allowing you to choose the right needle for your specific task.
The L3912 are robust, straight, rounded-tipped (point) needles. Great for hand sewing leather and saving on finger bandages.
Each needle goes through a 12 step manufacturing process, individually inspected before packaging.

Size 1 54mm length x 1.02mm diameter
Size 2 54 mm length x 1.02 mm diameter
Size 3 54 mm length x 1.02 mm diameter
Size 4 48 mm length x 0.86 mm diameter
Size 18 (1/0) 57.5 mm length x 1.09 mm diameter
Size 17 (2/0) 59.5 mm length x 1.42 mm diameter
Size 16 (3/0) 61.5mm length x 1.63mm diameter

John James needles are a good choice for hand sewing leather goods. These needles have outstanding features that make them indispensable tools for many leather craftsmen and artisans. Whether you are making handbags, belts, shoes or other leather goods, John James needles can help you do it.

A complete guide to printable needles. All needle images correspond to actual needle sizes.

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