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About Me

The beginning of my work dates back to 2014. At that time I made watch straps and small leather goods. Today I am engaged in the production of luxury leather goods to order. Together with each client, I find the best solution, so the process is always creative.I use traditional methods and do only hand sewing. I closely follow the trends in the leather business. Here you can see my work, tools and materials used.
My goal is to share what I have learned in my nearly 10 year career as a professional leather trader/craftsman/creator. Join me on this journey of craftsmanship, life and art in my creative studio located in Ukraine.

Customized orders:

Developing unique designs according to customer preferences.

Personalization of products such as initials, logos or special patterns.

Repair and restoration:

Repair and restoration services for old or damaged leather goods.


Leather workshops and courses for beginners and experienced crafters.

Individual lessons for those wishing to master the art of leather work.

Sale of finished products:

A collection of ready-to-sell leather goods such as wallets, bags, belts, etc.


Modifying existing products according to the customer’s wishes.

Care advice:

Providing advice on how to care for leather goods to maintain their quality and durability.

My interest in making (tailoring) bespoke garments began as a child when I watched my mum working in the tailoring business. I saw how she worked with the client, with her inherent neatness and attention to detail to create unique products.
In August 2008, when I became immersed in collecting vintage watches from the First and Second World War, I was faced with the need to customise straps for vintage watches. Vintage watches do not structurally allow for the fitting and convenient replacement of modern straps, and I had to find a solution. After visiting local leather ateliers but not satisfying my need, I spent years learning sewing and leatherworking techniques from recognised masters in the world.
In 2014, after acquiring my first tool and leather, I made many failed attempts and finally had a result that I was not ashamed to wear and show. Since then, I have been constantly working to improve my craftsmanship.
Over time I have learnt techniques for sewing and restoring leather goods, expanding my arsenal of skills and creativity.


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