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Our acquaintance began back in 2015, when I first noticed Sergei Sofronov’s work on the internet. It was not just a watch, but a real work of art. I particularly remembered the 18 carat gold case engraved by hand for the Patek Philippe minute repeater mechanism. The harmonious combination of the smallest details of the floral ornament with geometric lines in Sergei’s performance was impressive. It is not by chance that his work left an incredible impression on me, immersing me in the world of art and luxury.

At that time, I was already experimenting with exotic leathers and taking my first steps in creating watch straps using them. These explorations opened up new horizons for me and inspired the idea of collaborating with a master jeweller.

We spent a lot of time discussing different concepts and ideas until we finally came to a common decision to create our first project together. This project became a kind of symbiosis of our creative inspiration and professional skills. We wanted to create something unique that would combine our creative potentials.

After much experimentation with materials and shapes, we were able to develop a concept that not only expressed our vision of beauty and elegance, but was also a practical and functional luxury item.
Based on an antique Patek Philippe movement, we created a watch with a hand-engraved and blackened silver case. Crocodile texture was engraved on the entire surface of the case, giving the watch case a special charm and sophistication. The strap and dial of this watch were made using genuine crocodile leather, adding to the sophistication and elegance of this project.

The final result of our co-operation exceeded all our expectations. It was not just a watch, but a true work of art, capable of delighting connoisseurs of luxury and refinement. The first joint project became a symbol of our creative alliance and opened the door to further joint experiments and achievements.

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