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I love my handcraft and the products made by my hands reflect that.
Communication with my customers is enjoyable and important to me. In this way I strive to help you get what you want. When I accept a custom order from a customer, it is a special moment. If possible, I meet with him to understand his wishes and vision for the future product. This is the time when I immerse myself in his story, style, need and preferences.
Our conversation is a true creative process where I listen to every detail and nuance to fully understand what the client is looking for. We discuss materials, shapes, sizes, designs and special requests he would like to see in his piece. I give my advice and recommendations to help him turn the idea into a reality that the client can appreciate and admire.
Then, with full understanding of the client’s expectations, I proceed to create the product. Each step is carried out with the utmost care to fulfil the client’s requirements and wishes. I keep in constant communication with him, sharing progress and intermediate results to make sure we are on the right track.
Working with the customer is all about co-operation and trust. My goal is to meet the needs and create a product that will exceed expectations. I put all my skill, passion and inspiration into every detail to achieve the highest level of quality and uniqueness.
When I begin the realisation, I feel genuine excitement and joy. Each piece is my little creative mission that is satisfying. I immerse myself in this world where time slows down and attention is focused on every detail.
My work begins with the careful selection of leather. Touching this material, its texture and smell make me ecstatic. I use an ancient and time-honoured, hand sewing and leatherworking technique. Each seam is placed with care and precision to ensure strength and durability.
But the most exciting part is the opportunity to add uniqueness to my products. Handcrafting gives me the freedom to express my creativity.
In the process of work, I strive to create not only a beautiful and high quality, but also a unique product, a combination of materials and finishes, add embossing or painting.In every detail, shape, in every neat seam, I put my dedication and skill to make the client feel that his desires and dreams have become a bright reality.
Handmade leather goods not only have beauty, but also a unique character. They carry a piece of my heart and soul. I hope that they bring joy and delight to those who wear them.
When I give the finished product to my client, it is a special moment. I see the smile on their face and feel the joy of the result. To know that my product has become a part of their life and reflects their personality is the greatest reward for my work.

It is gratifying to know that my products have character, functionality and stand out from the many mass-produced machine-made products you see everywhere today.

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