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As a finalisation of the Shell Cordovan topic (for those interested and like to understand the details).Cordovan is actually the subcutaneous layer of muscle, which in horses is called the panniculus carnosus. Because cordovan is muscle and not skin, it

Cordovan is a specially treated membrane that originally lies between the epidermis and dermis of the horsehide. The finished cordovan looks like leather; it is quite thick, very hard-wearing, scratch-resistant and expensive.The name "cordovan" comes from the city of Cordoba,

Saffiano leather has a special place among connoisseurs of luxury and style. This unique leather, which received its "new name" from one of Italy's most famous fashion houses, attracts attention with its refined texture, durability and resistance to damage. The famous

In our industry we often use vegetable tanned leather and we work hard to find the best quality raw material (leather). In this article you will learn about the top 19 tanneries (of Tuscany) and what they have in common.