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Leatherworking is not just a craft and technical skill based on manual labour. It is also a creative process using a variety of techniques and unique tools, requiring skills in leatherwork, including cutting, sewing, embossing, dyeing and finishing, repair and restoration.

Achieving outstanding results requires not only talent and patience, but also quality professional tools. In this guide we will:

  • examine the role and importance of quality tools in the creative process;
  • get to know the world’s leading tool manufacturers;
  • define a basic tanner’s kit.

The role and importance of a quality tool

Quality professional tools play an important role in all phases of production. From the moment an idea is conceived to the completion of a project, the right selection of tools not only ensures accuracy and efficiency, but also affects the quality of the final product. Here’s a look at the key aspects.

Quality professional instruments

  1. ensure accurate and efficient task performance. Designed to make work easier, improve results and reduce potential errors.
  2. are made of high quality materials for durability. This extends the life span without sacrificing quality and productivity.
  3. provide comfort and convenience during the working process. Ergonomic design and comfortable handles reduce craftsman fatigue and increase productivity.
  4. Influence the quality of the final product (result). Each detail as well as the product as a whole will be accurately produced.
  5. Allow you to improve and develop your skills and achieve outstanding results. They stimulate professional growth and provide confidence in their abilities.

In this way, tools are integral to an artisan’s success, positively influencing the process, the end result and the artisan’s level of satisfaction with his work.

The world’s leading manufacturers

Among the leading tool manufacturers, companies from the USA, Europe and Asia stand out.

USA: Barry King Tools, CS Osborne & Co., Knipschield Leather Tools, Leather Wranglers Inc., Ron’s Tools, Tandy Leather Factory, Inc
Europe: Bohle, Eprose, Vergez Blanchard
China: Amy Roke, Cmdachong, Kevin Leather Tools, Kyoshin-elle, OKA FACTORY
South Korea: Doldokki Tools, ELFITA Leather Craft Tools, KS Blade Punch, VACHETA Leather Craft Tools
South Africa: Chartermade

Here you will find companies with a rich two-century history (CS Osborne & Co., Vergez Blanchard) that epitomise the heritage and quality that have become the standard in the world of tools. Alongside them are the relatively young manufacturers Eprose and Doldokki Tools, which represent a modern approach to design and technology. Their products have gained recognition among craftsmen around the world.

In addition to a large number of universal tools for general use, there are also very specialised tools. The selection of tools depends on the specific task and type of work. There is a certain specialisation among craftsmen, which sometimes requires very rare and unique tools. Sometimes craftsmen also create their own tools for specific tasks.

Basic leatherworker’s kit

The novice craftsman may feel lost looking at the variety of tools, but the starter kit is quite compact. You can start with a relatively small amount of it. And this is excellent, as it will introduce and define the craft, perhaps without having to build an entire workshop. As skills and experience grow, the set of tools used will grow. Any novice craftsman will still pass his unique path of development and improvement. The main thing is to buy quality tools and materials at once.

Here is a basic list of tools that are commonly used by craftsmen in leather work:
Sewing awls, needles, polishers (slicker), creasing (folding) stick, knives and scissors, slitters and notchers, edgers and bevellers, creasers, hardware setters, pliers, markers and markers, hammers, rulers and thickness gauges, seam markers, sewing clamp, cutting mat…


In this way, tools become an integral part of an artisan’s journey. Quality materials and professional tools elevate the work to a new level, encouraging growth in craftsmanship and inspiring unique creations. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced craftsman, the right choice of tools leaves its mark on every step of the creative process. Your work is your art, and quality tools are your trusted companion on this exciting journey through the world of leather craft.

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